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USC 101, 102, and 201

Introduction to University Education

All students in Exploratory Studies are required to take “Introduction to University Education,” USC 101 (fall semester) and USC 102 (spring semester), in their first year at NC State. Spring Connect students will take USC 201 (a spring semester course combining USC 101/102). Students earn 1 hour of letter-graded credit for each of the two semesters. The course is taught by the student’s academic advisor and meets once a week. Classes are small (20 or fewer students) and discussion-oriented, and students frequently work together in small groups. USC 101 and 102 focus on:

  • The adjustment from high school to college,
  • Academic expectations of a university student,
  • Assessment of one’s own personal goals and values,
  • Exploration of careers and majors at NC State.

Course highlights

  • Career informational interview
  • Resume building workshops
  • Major exploration series: students speak personally with representatives from all of the colleges to learn about academic majors.
  • Career Exploration Project: Students complete a project that helps them deepen their knowledge of the world of work through either a career interview, job shadow, or career portfolio
  • Linked classes
  • Village Mentors: serve as academic mentors in Tucker and Owen residence halls and assist with classroom activities
  • Campus engagement events

What our students are saying:

“I believe that USC 101/102 have led to both personal and academic development. I hope that other students who are in Exploratory Studies gain what I have gained and that learning about themselves through class discussions, forum events, and other activities (such as assessments) can truly guide them toward a major or career in their near future.”