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First Year Student Registration Information

Welcome to Exploratory Studies, Class of 2028!  We’re looking forward to working with you this year, and to meeting you at New Student Orientation.

A webinar will be hosted to walk you through the Self-Registration Training on May 1, 2024 at 6:30pm. The recording will be added to the Exploratory Studies website.

Self-Registration Training in Moodle

The required Self-Registration Training should take approximately 30-45 minutes to complete in Moodle. 

After completing the required Self-Registration Training, you will have the information needed to register for fall classes beginning in early June and may adjust schedules throughout the summer, if needed.

Student works on his laptop in the newly opened One Earth dining room in Talley Student Union.

We recognize that registering for your first term prior to meeting your advisor at New Student Orientation can be overwhelming; however, the self-registration training is designed to help you do this independently and give you an equal advantage to get classes. Click the link below to get started.

2024 Exploratory Studies Self-Registration Training


All new first-year students have a hold on their registration until early June. In early June, your hold will then be lifted and you can register for courses.

You cannot change your USC or linked course without departmental permission and it is strongly recommended that you do not change or drop ENG 101. If you feel you have a good reason, discuss this with your advisor at Orientation.

Do not drop any pre-enrolled classes until you have spoken to your advisor at Orientation. Your advisor will make sure you understand why you have been pre-enrolled as well as the consequences of dropping specific courses.

Students who take 15 to 17 hours each semester are more likely to graduate on time, they are more likely to meet the requirements to move into their preferred major, and they earn better grades in their courses.

Based on the math placement test — you are placed into the highest level course for which you are eligible. If your preferred major requires a different math course or you prefer a different level course, please do not drop or change your current math course until you have spoken with your advisor. It is often hard to get the course back.

NC State requires either the math placement test, AP scores, or appropriate transfer credit in pre-requisite courses in order to register for a math class. If you do not take the placement test and wait for your scores, you will delay enrollment in math.  (And sometimes students are mistaken about how well they did on the AP exam!) You can change your math class after your AP score comes in.

No, you cannot drop this course. USC 101 is required for all first semester
Exploratory Studies students entering in the fall semester. Many majors
will substitute USC 101 for a major- or college-specific other first year
transition course, and the course can often fulfill other requirements. You
will learn about this in USC 101.

There are lots of reasons for error messages. Read the message carefully. The most common reasons are: the course may be restricted to students in a certain major, or it may have a prerequisite (a course that you need to take prior), or it may have a required co-requisite (a course that you have to take during the same semester as the course you want). If you’re still confused, you can ask your advisor at Orientation.

Requests to change the program into which you were accepted must be submitted to and approved by Undergraduate Admissions prior to June 1.  Email your request to or or contact that office at 919.515.2434.

Contact the NC State Help Desk for assistance. Call 919-515-HELP (4357) or email

Your advisor will be assigned to you a week or two before New Student Orientation, and you will meet your advisor in person at orientation.