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What We Do

University Advising and Exploratory Studies supports students in transition at the university. Our largest program is Exploratory Studies, where new first-year students enter the university exploring major and career options and then matriculate into a major. The Inter-College Transfer (ICT) program supports students who are exploring different majors outside their current college. Our Change of Major Drop-in Advising assists students who are exploring a change of major. We also supports transitioning international and transfer students who may need additional support beyond their assigned advisor on campus. Lastly, University Advising and Exploratory Studies supports the advising community on campus by providing campus-wide professional development opportunities and recognition.

Exploratory Studies Highlights

  • Average Fall Enrollment: 750-800 students
  • Total Enrollment: 1127
  • International Students Per Class: 15-20
  • Scholarships: 2
  • Admission Data:
    • Avg SAT: 1268
    • Avg ACT: 26
    • Avg High School GPA (weighted): 4.23
    • Avg High School GPA (unweighted): 3.78
  • 5-Year Graduation Rate: 84.46 (University-wide: 82.47)
  • Most Common Majors:
    • Business Management
    • Communications
    • Biological Sciences (BS)
    • Psychology
    • Computer Science
    • Accounting
    • Sports Management
    • Nutrition
    • Computer Engineering
    • Technology, Design, & Engineering
    • Mechanical Engineering
    • Horticulture
Exploratory Studies Matriculations by College 2017-2022

ICT Highlights

  • Enrollment: 150-200 students per semester
  • Students come from every college and matriculate into every college
  • The 5-Year Graduation Rate has doubled in 5 years (38% to 75%)

Change of Major Drop-in

We serve over 800 students each year exploring different majors and minors on campus.