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University Advising and Exploratory Studies supports the mission of NC State University and its commitment to a diverse community. For that reason, we encourage our students to engage and collaborate with faculty, staff, and peers who have different lived experiences. We believe that by doing so our students will develop the skills to be well-rounded leaders in an ever-changing global market.

Our program has and always will provide avenues for students to learn, grow, and think critically about issues of diversity and inclusion, as well as how those issues impact their campus experience and even their life after graduation. These avenues include cultural and educational programming, inclusive teaching and curriculum, and personalized advising.

We also provide professional development for our staff on ways to support varied student needs, to understand diversity and inclusion in higher education, and to follow best practices in this area.

Staff Commitment

We are committed to personal and professional growth in the area of diversity and inclusion. Each year our advising staff works to create inclusive classrooms in USC 101, USC 102, and USC 201.  We strive to be resources for students as they navigate campus, and as they experience the many different identities that are present in our community. Below are a few on-campus diversity and inclusion workshops that staff have attended to develop their cultural competency skills.

Additional Ways Students Can Get Involved On Campus


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