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Stress Management at the End of the Semester

Stress is a way to prepare for a challenge and it is important to set yourself up for success as you head into the final hurdles of the semester.

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Ways to prepare for stress:

  1. Build your self-confidence Believe in yourself and your ability to succeed at NC State (you are here for a reason).  If you are having a hard time assessing your skills and abilities, consider reaching out to the Counseling Center.  They offer individual counselingonline resources, and drop-in groups.
  2. Attend professor office hours.  Clear up questions from class or work through a problem together and ask about the format of final exams if you are unsure.
  3. Stay hydrated and well fed.  Your body needs fuel to function at its best!
  4. Prioritize sleep.  While it is tempting to stay up late studying, remember that your brain needs time to process information.
  5. Exercise.  You can release built up stress through exercise. Check out University Recreation.
  6. Reframe your thoughts.  Change your internal message from “I must do well” to “I want to do well.”  Researchers found that people who change this message internally actually do better when they don’t experience additional pressure from feeling that they MUST do something.
  7. Use your resources.  The University Tutorial Center is a great resource for academic assistance with many 100 and 200 level math, chemistry, and physics courses as well as writing and speaking support.

We are here to support you as you work through these weeks leading up to final exams.  Please follow-up with your advisor if you have additional questions or concerns.

Special thanks to Counseling Services for the tips above.


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