Advising Committees

Administrative Council for Academic Advising

The Administrative Council for Academic Advising (ACAA) is a representative group of associate deans, academic advisors, and academic advising administrators who serve as the vetting and approval committee for recommendations from the University Academic Advising Council, the Advisor Professional Development Committee, and the Advisory Board for Cross-Curricula Advising. This group will also adopt two or three long-term projects each year to support the continuous improvement of advising at NC State. The ultimate goal of the ACAA is to vet and advocate for the implementation of advising policy and processes that build and sustain a consistent advising experience for undergraduate students.

  • Dr. Tamah C Morant, chair
  • Dr. Sarah Ash
  • Melanie Cruz
  • Dr. Alina Duca
  • Katherine Sheridan Graham
  • Cynthia Zuckerman Hyman
  • Dr. Carrie McLean (ex officio)
  • Bret Smith

Advisory Board for Cross-Curricula Advising

The Advisory Board for Cross-Curricula Advising (ABCCA) supports Academic Advising Programs and Services by recommending strategies, processes, and practices to enhance advising service delivery.  It focuses primarily on advising services that are offered to undergraduate students across the university who are in transition and need assistance identifying a best-fit major and/or minor.

  • Martha Wicker, chair
  • Dean Bruno
  • Michelle Garoutte
  • Heather Lyerly
  • Dr. Carrie McLean (ex officio)
  • Pa Nhia Moore
  • Dr. MaryClare Robbins
  • Melusian Rachelle Wright

University Academic Advising Council

The University Academic Advising Council (UAAC) advises the Senior Associate Dean of University College and the Director of Advising on strategies, processes, and practices that enhance the academic advising experience for undergraduate students. The UAAC includes faculty and primary role advisors, as well as other professionals who impact the advising experience on a daily basis. The Council meets monthly to discuss the systematic campus-wide application of advising policy and procedures, and to inform the development of a quality proactive advising experience of undergraduate students at NC State.

  • Suzy Lamb, chair
  • Megan Albidrez
  • Jordie Batts
  • Dr. John M. Dole
  • Julie Lawson
  • Dr. Carrie McLean (ex officio)
  • Courtney Simpson

Advisor Professional Development Committee

The Advisor Professional Development Committee (APDC) is a representative group of faculty advisors, primary role advisors, and advising administrators who work collaboratively to determine advisor development needs and recommend professional development programs for all academic advisors on campus. The work of the APDC is informed by needs identified in advisor performance evaluations, advisor needs surveys, and recommendations of the Administrative Council for Academic Advising.

  • Tremaine Brittian, chair
  • Tricia Buddin
  • Donna Burton (ex officio)
  • Dr. Kim Bush
  • Dr. Doug James
  • Amy Kish
  • Jill Anderson