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Welcome Back, Sophomores!

Welcome Back, Sophomores!

Congratulations on successfully completing your first year at NC State! The transition to college
is behind you and we are excited about all the opportunities that lie ahead for you. You have
learned so much, both inside and outside the classroom, which should provide a strong
foundation for the completion of college and beyond. You’ve set your goals. Sophomore year is
the time to be very intentional about building the skills, experiences, and academic stamina
necessary to achieve success after college. What are your goals beyond earning a college
degree? How will you use your degree? What are your personal strengths and how can you use
them to build your professional portfolio while continuing to develop any areas of weakness?
How will you “stretch” yourself to become the person and professional you want to be? These
are your questions to answer in year two.
NC State has provided many resources and opportunities to help you find your success. Here
are a few of them:

  • First things first — keep in contact with your advisor, who can help you navigate the
    opportunities as well as any challenges that you might face along the way.
  • Visit the Career Development Center to identify how to translate your major into your best-fit
    career development plan.
  • Visit the Study Abroad Office and plan to learn in a place that you have always wanted to know
    more about. Watch for the Study Abroad Fair this fall to identify a location, resources, and best
    strategies for scheduling an experience abroad. Check deadlines on the Study Abroad website.
  • Let the Leadership and Civic Engagement office help you expand your leadership skills. They
    also provide opportunities to serve our community, both locally and globally.
  • If research is your passion (or you think it might be) visit the Office of Undergraduate Research
    to learn more about research options available for your area of interest.

There is so much you can accomplish this year IF you develop an intentional plan now and
focus on the activities that move you toward your personal goals. Without a plan, it is easy to
become overwhelmed with all the opportunities available and end your college experience with
only a random list of activities that you participated in. Developing an intentional plan now will
determine whether your sophomore year will be an academic slump or a rejuvenation that
propels you into future success. You are in charge!! Expand. Plan. Stay focused. Succeed!!!


Dr. Carrie McLean
Assistant Dean, University College
Director of Advising

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