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Goal Setting, GPA Calculator & GPA Tracker

If you are able to meet with your advisees one-on-one, registration advising is a great opportunity to talk with students about goals they have set, opportunities they have considered, and the many resources they have at their fingertips. Your support can sometimes mean the difference as they make important decisions about their future. One goal a student may have set is a particular semester GPA or total GPA.

Dr. Jamila Simpson, assistant dean for Academic Programs, Student Diversity and Engagement, in the College of Sciences, has created a GradeTracker tool for students to use. See the tool and her helpful YouTube videos below.

Enrollment Calendar and Holds

All students will have a term advisement hold placed on their MyPack Portal accounts preventing them from enrolling in courses for the upcoming term(s) until that term advisement hold is released by their academic advisor or another individual in the student’s college.

Enrollment dates are placed on a student’s account and are based on a student’s total credit hours passed. Enrollment dates are the day and time in which the student is first allowed to enroll for the upcoming term(s). Students can visit the enrollment calendar to see the window of when they will be allowed to enroll. For a more specific date and time of when their enrollment window will open, students can visit MyPack Portal. Students may have other holds on their account preventing them from enrollment; those will appear in their Tasks & Holds.

Find out from your college what a student must do before having his or her Term Advisement Hold released. Your coordinator of advising is a great resource for this information.

When your advisee has completed all necessary steps to have their Term Advisement hold released, you can release that hold on MyPack Portal.

A helpful way to view data on your advisees’ enrollment dates is to use the detailed advisee list function on MyPack Portal:

MyPack Portal > Student Information System > Advising Title > ‘Advisor Center’ menu item > Detailed Advisee List > choose term > select Enrollment Begins item

Key Registration Advising Resources

Some key resources you will want to bookmark or keep close to you during registration advising time are below.

NC State has a First Year Inquiry Program, which offers first-year students the opportunity to take a GEP course in a smaller classroom size (courses are capped at 19 students). These courses are also designed to enhance student’s critical and creative thinking skills. It is a great opportunity to engage with a faculty member as well. Be sure to pass along the FYI courses to your first-year students who may benefit from this experience.

Pack Planner is a tool students can use in MyPack Portal to assist them in planning their time to graduation. This tool can also assist them in planning out co-curricular activities such as Study Abroad or Cooperative Education. It checks prerequisites and full-time enrollment as well. Some colleges utilize the Pack Planner during registration advising.

General Education Program Category Requirements

An important resource to bookmark is the General Education Program Category Requirements. This is a great website to share with students; it helps them see why NC State requires them to take courses in particular areas.

Placement Credit and Placement Tests

Although Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) scores are posted to a student’s Transfer Credit Report on MyPack, it is important to be aware of how those scores correlate to credit at NC State.  Here is the March 20, 2019, communication from Registration and Records about revisions to AP credit articulation.

Students who wish to take a math course at NC State must have transfer or AP credit for a math course on their Transfer Credit Report in MyPack Portal, have completed the NC State Math Placement Test, or have taken the SAT Math Level II test.

Similarly, students who wish to take a chemistry course at NC State must either have transfer or AP credit for a chemistry course on their Transfer Credit Report in MyPack Portal or have completed the Chemistry Placement Exam.

Some students will be required to or willingly choose to pursue additional foreign language courses beyond NC State’s Foreign Language Proficiency requirement. All students wishing to take courses in the foreign language they studied in high school must take the Foreign Language Placement Test for that language to determine their starting point. The foreign language department offers placement tests in Chinese, Spanish, German, Latin, and French. For all other languages, contact the coordinator for that language.  The coordinator contact information appears at this webpage under Minors.

Enrollment Wizard: Adding Courses

Students add courses through the Enrollment Wizard on MyPack Portal. Students add courses to their shopping cart and enroll in courses, once their Term Advisement Hold has been lifted.

Some courses have restricted seats and prerequisites.  One college that restricts numerous seats to students only in their major or minor is the Poole College of Management. They have created a helpful website outlining the process to add PCOM courses.

Students who aren’t able to enroll themselves in the appropriate MA, PY, or ST course due to issues with prerequisites, program, or other problems should be directed to the forms below.

Override Max Units

It is generally recommended that full-time students take between 15-17 credit hours each term to stay on track for a timely 4-year graduation. Students cannot enroll in more than 18 hours in the fall or spring semesters or more than eight hours in summer sessions without permission from their academic advisor. If approved, a student’s academic advisor can do a course override on MyPack.

> Advisor Center > My Advisees > Individual Student — View Student Details > Dashboard tab at top of Student Center > Override Max Units

Interest in Graduate Programs

Some students will have plans to pursue graduate school after their undergraduate career.

  • For students interested in exploring health professions and applying to healthcare professional programs, refer them to Health Professions Advising.
  • For students interested in pursuing a career in veterinary medicine, refer them to VetPAC.
  • For students seeking guidance, information, and support regarding law school, refer them to Pre-Law Services.
  • For students interested in applying to graduate school at NC State, refer them to the Graduate School.
  • For students interested in a graduate certificate, refer them to the Graduate Certificates.

Courses Taken At Another Institution

It is not uncommon for students to take courses at another institution, perhaps over the summer in their hometown, and transfer the credit back to NC State.

NC State has created a Transfer Equivalency Database that is helpful to use to see how courses are taken at another institution transfer back to NC State.  (Note:  Some NC State colleges or departments may utilize an internal form to approve summer courses taken at another institution.)

Keep in mind that NC State only accepts transfer credit with a grade of C- or better. Transfer credit does not impact a student’s NC State GPA. All transfer credit can be seen on MyPack Portal on the student’s Transfer Credit Report.

NC State partners with five other schools through the Inter-Institutional program. Upon approval, enrolled degree-seeking undergraduate or graduate students may take courses at Duke University, North Carolina Central University, UNC-Chapel Hill, UNC-Charlotte or UNC-Greensboro.

With these alternative options to fulfilling degree requirements, it is important for students to remember residency for matriculation and graduation requirements.

Students Not Returning Next Semester

As you meet with one of your advisees, you may discover that this student does not plan on returning to NC State in the upcoming term.

  • These students should initiate a Term Withdrawal in order to notify the university that they will not be attending for an upcoming Spring or Fall Term.
  • Students can initiate this Term Withdrawal request through MyPack Portal: Student Homepage > Planning and Enrollment tile > Term Withdraw menu item.

Department Referrals During Registration Advising

  • Cashier’s Office and Scholarships and Financial Aid Office

Throughout your registration advising appointment, students may ask about finances. Please refer them to the Cashier’s Office and/or Scholarships and Financial Aid Office.

Some students may not be thriving or are not satisfied in their current major. Considering referring them to Walk-In Advising through Academic Advising Programs and Services to discuss changing their major.

  • Counseling Center

If students share sensitive issues and struggles they are facing, consider referring them to the Counseling Center.

  • NC State Cares

For students who are not responding to your communication or who are exhibiting concerning, worrisome or threatening behavior, you can submit an NC State Cares referral.


Resources are available at this website to ensure that you and your students are aware of important deadlines and procedures for graduation.

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