Changing Course Grading, Dropping Courses, and Term Withdrawals

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Changing a Course to Credit-Only or Audit

A student may have the option to change a course to credit-only (satisfactory/unsatisfactory). Please note that all general education courses (except for Health and Exercise Studies courses) must be taken for a grade. In addition, most major-specific courses must be taken for a grade as well, some even require a specific minimum grade.

Click here to read information about Enhanced S/U and Late Drop options for COVID-19 impacts on specific semesters.

In order for a student to earn credit for a course that has been changed to satisfactory/unsatisfactory grading, the student must earn a grade of C- or better as noted in the course syllabus.  A student also has the option to audit a course.  To do so, the student must have the permission of the academic advisor and of the department offering the course.  The student then must meet the instructor’s requirements for receiving AU.

When possible, the student should consult with their advisor about changing a course to credit-only or audit as it may impact such important issues as satisfactory academic progress, full-time status, and financial aid.

Dropping a Course

The academic calendar contains important course add and drop dates for each semester and summer session.

If a student drops a course on or before census date, the course will not appear on their transcript. They can drop this course on their own via MyPack Portal. The academic calendar contains all important dates for each semester and session.

If a student drops a course after census date but on or before the drop/revision deadline, the course will appear on their transcript as a W (withdrawal). They can drop this course on their own via MyPack Portal. Students are limited to 16 hours of W’s during their undergraduate careers.

If a student wishes to drop a course after the drop/revision deadline, a schedule revision form is required.  That form is also required if the student is dropping a course that results in the student moving from full-time to part-time status.  The form is available at this website

To learn more, view the adding and dropping courses regulation.

Term Withdrawal

Sometimes during a semester, a student may choose to withdraw from all courses. After discussing these options with their academic advisor, a student can log into MyPack Portal to submit a term withdrawal. This is an online step-by-step process that walks the student through a series of questions and reminders. In some cases, a student may need to upload documentation.

A student who is granted a Term Withdrawal could fail to meet Satisfactory Academic Progress.  If the student decides to enroll at a later date, a student may need to submit an appeal in order to be eligible to continue enrollment. Note:  W’s from a full Term Withdrawal do not count toward the 16 hours of W’s allowed during the student’s undergraduate career.

Access to self-service Term Withdrawals in MyPack Portal extends 30 days after the term ends.

Retroactive Withdrawal

If a student had an extenuating circumstance during a semester that may have impacted their academic performance, they are eligible to apply for a retroactive withdrawal. If approved, all courses for that respective semester will be withdrawals (W’s).  These W grades do not count toward the 16 hours of W grades allowed during a student’s undergraduate career.

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