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Some advisors across campus may be utilizing our campus-wide tool, Navigate.  Contact Katie Cartmell, Director of Advising Technology, for more information.  Her email address is:

Advising Notes

Note-taking for advising meetings will vary. Here are guidelines and best practices:  Advising Notes  [Download the PowerPoint presentation and play it as a slide show to hear the narration.  To do so, you will need version Microsoft Office 2013 or newer.]

MyPack Portal Resources

Visit the Advisors Help Guide for links on how to navigate to and use the various tools in the Advising tile on MyPack Portal:

  • Advisee Roster
  • Advisee Continuation Roster
  • Advising Dashboard
  • Advising Holds
  • Degree Audit
  • Enrollment Wizard
  • Graduate Plan of Work
  • Orientation Reports
  • Pack Planner
  • Student Center
  • Transfer Credit Report

Course Overload: How to Find on MyPack

Click here to see where to find Course Overload on MyPack.

Academic Progress: How to Find on MyPack

Click here to see where to find Academic Progress for a student on MyPack.

Grade Point Deficit: How to Find on MyPack

Click here to see where to find Grade Point Deficit for a student on MyPack.

Advising Queries

Running advising queries can assist you in your work. Below are some examples of queries you can run.

  • Courses in Non-Degree Enrolled: Students with enrolled courses that do not meet any degree requirements. Excludes courses that are being used for a declared second major or minor.
  • SAP Progress Deficiency: These students are on progress deficiency and are not eligible to continue pending appeal.
  • Term Grades: Advisee list with all grades for the term.
  • Enrollment Request History Query: A history of student drop/add requests for a given term.
  • Enrollment Request History Err Query: A history of student drop/add requests that were rejected as an error or were left pending in a given term.
  • Graduation List Not Complete: Students who have applied for graduation, but who still have hours remaining according to their degree audits.

Click here for directions on where to find these queries and other advising queries on MyPack Portal.

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