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Advising Equations

How do you calculate what a student’s new cumulative GPA would be if their retroactive withdrawal was approved? What semester GPA does a student need to make for a desired cumulative GPA? Check out this handout of advising equations that explains how to answer these questions and more.

Advising Forms: Below 15 Hours & Below 12 Hours

It is often recommended for students to enroll in 15-17 hours each term to stay on track for a timely graduation. We know that some students may choose to enroll in fewer than 15 hours for a semester. In guide first-year students’ understanding of the 15-17 hours recommendation, the University College Exploratory Studies program created a Below 15 Hours Form. This form is used when the advisor needs documentation of why a student is taking a reduced load or when the advisor’s recommendation is not aligned with the student’s decision.

Similarly, if a student chooses to take (or drop) below 12 hours (full-time status) during a full semester, there are considerations to keep in mind.  The University College Exploratory Studies program created this form to guide students:  Below 12 Hours Form

Advising Notes

Note-taking about advising meetings can vary, depending on department or unit requirements. For more information about the content of advising notes/reports, please view this video on FERPA guidelines for advising notes.

Advising Queries

Running advising queries can assist you in your work. Below are some examples of queries you can run in the Student Information System (MyPack).

  • Courses in Non-Degree Enrolled: Students with enrolled courses that do not meet any degree requirements. Excludes courses that are being used for a declared second major or minor.
  • SAP Progress Deficiency: These students are on Progress Deficiency and are not eligible to continue pending appeal.
  • Term Grades: Advisee list with all grades for term.
  • Enrollment Request History Query: A history of student drop/add requests for a given term.
  • Enrollment Request History Err Query: A history of student drop/add requests that were rejected as an error or were left pending in a given term.
  • Graduation List Not Complete: Students who have applied for graduation, but who still have hours remaining according to their degree audits.

Click here for directions on where to find these queries and other advising queries on MyPack Portal.

State Advisors Google Group

The State Advisors Google Group is a great resource of information about new courses, workshops, changes in programs, and student success initiatives. Colleges and departments on campus utilize the group to advertise classes and share recent updates to their curricula.

Advisor Training and Development

During the summer of 2020, the Advisor Professional Development Committee hosted sessions on Advancing Advising.  The recordings from those sessions are available here:

Building Community Online: A Focus on Advising Practices

Support Strategies for Online Advising and Learning

Leveraging Technology

Peer Mentoring During COVID

Pack Essentials

The Advisor Development Institute (ADI) offers faculty and staff a chance to demonstrate their commitment to teaching and advising at NC State. This comprehensive professional development program offers undergraduate advisors, advising administrators, and others opportunities for discussing how advising contributes to student success.  The ADI Certificate recognizes an individual’s commitment to the development of advising expertise.

Advisor Roundtables focus on policy updates and information about new or changing programs. There are also Topic Sessions on specific aspects of advising.

All ADI sessions can be found in Reporter using the keyword advising.  For questions concerning Advisor Development Institute programs, please contact Donna Burton (

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