Registration Tips for Students

Tips for Students – Get ready for Registration! Please note:  if you are a newly admitted first year or transfer student, you will receive information from your College or department about registration. 

Log in to MyPack Portal – go to your Student Center and look on the right hand side of the page.

  1. Click on the yellow Enrollment button to look for  classes. To see more about finding, adding, dropping and swapping classes, go to
  1. Find out your “enrollment appointment” – this is the day and time when registration opens for you.

enrollment 1

  1. Make sure you know (1) who your advisor is and (2) what your advisor requires you to do before your Term Advisement Hold is lifted. Click on Info to see how to contact your advisor.

enrollment 2

  1. Know what holds you have and what you need to do to have them removed. The one hold everyone has is the Term Advisement Hold.    Click on details to see what you need to do.


enrollment 3


You can register once all holds are removed and your enrollment date and time arrive!