Registration and Records-SIS System

Registration and Records:

Registration and Records wants to remind advisors of the navigation for commonly-used resources in SIS. Also, remember to use the New Window link in the top, right-hand corner of SIS pages to open multiple windows within SIS.


* SIS > Faculty Services  > Advising Dashboard
From here you can access a student’s’ undergraduate Degree Audit/graduate Plan of work, see Progress Reports, ¬†release the advising hold, review the students progress toward degree, etc.
By clicking on the Student Center tab at the top of this page, you can view all holds on a student account that might prevent registration and see the students Shopping Cart (the courses in which they intend to enroll).

* SIS > Faculty Services > Class Search/Browse Catalog

* SIS > Faculty Services > Training > Online Tutorials

* SIS > Faculty Services > Advisor Queries
This folder provides reports of:
1.) students who have applied to graduate but have degree requirements not met,
2.) courses students have planned to take that do not satisfy any major, minor or intended major degree requirements,
3.) courses students have enrolled in that do not satisfy any major, minor or intended major degree requirements,
4.) student Academic Progress reports by Plan (available to Records Officers).



* SIS > Student Self Service > Student Center
From Student Center, students can review their degree audit, work on their degree planner, search for classes, enroll in classes, see holds on their account, determine their enrollment appointment, pay their bill, check their financial aid package, access their unofficial transcript, etc.

* SIS > Student Self Service > Training
Provides online tutorials and information about how to use SIS. The Enhanced Enrollment Guide ( This link will open in a new window) helps students explore new (and much easier) mechanisms for finding classes that are open, satisfy specific degree requirements and fit their schedule.