Pre-Professional: Medical, Veterinary, Law

If you are interested in attending professional school including medical, dental, optometry, veterinary, law and other programs, you can pursue any undergraduate major as long as you take the appropriate pre-requisite courses for admission. In other words, NC State (like most universities) does not have a pre-health, pre-law, or pre-vet major. You should choose the undergraduate major that you enjoy, can excel in the courses, and offers you the best career alternatives should you decide not go to professional school.




HealthPAC-The Health Professions Advising Center: This website and advising center is available to all NC State students who are interested in pursuing health programs including medical, dental, optometry, nursing, physical therapy, occupational therapy, etc. Students are strongly encouraged to begin using this service early in their college career.  Be sure to look under “Program Prerequisites” for courses that are required for admission to the programs.  Advising appointments are available through a HealthPAC website link.

HealthPAC Director: Dr. Ray Easterlin, Career Development Center, 2100 Pullen Hall


Explore Health Careers

American Medical Association

American Medical Student Association

American Dental Association

American Student Dental Association

American Optometric Association


Political science professor Andrew Taylor leads a discussion about Congress during a class in Caldwell Hall. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD

Pre-Law ServicesStudents who are interested in pursuing law school after graduating from NC State can pursue any major as an undergraduate. There are some law-related courses that you may want to take and some experiences that you will want to take advantage of while an undergrad. Pre-Law Services is a wonderful resource for students who want to learn about law school admissions requirements, get involved in volunteer/service opportunities, attend the annual Law School Fair, and more!

Pre-Law Advisor: Dr. Ray Easterlin, Career Development Center, 2100 Pullen Hall


Law School Admission Council

American Bar Association

American Bar Association-Law Student Division

“Preparing for a Career in Law in the 21st. Century”


Dr. Michael Stoskopf and Dr. Anne Acton (right) examine a sleeping red wolf at the College of Veterinary Medicine. The lone wolf is part of a study of the endangered species and the red wolf reintroduction program. photo by Roger Winstead

Vet-PACSome of the “popular” majors for pre-vet students include: Animal Science, Zoology, Biological Sciences, Biochemistry, Microbiology, and Poultry Science. Use the resources of Vet-PAC to learn about admission to veterinary programs, get practical experience, and be advised by Dr. Trivedi, a veterinarian in the Department of Animal Science.

Pre-Vet Advisor: Dr. Shweta Trivedi, Department of Animal Science:


NC State Pre-Veterinary Club

NC State University College of Veterinary Medicine

American Veterinary Medical Association

Interesting article about former NCSU grad who is a Veterinarian with the London Zoo.

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