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Make Plans to Thrive

Thriving implies more than just surviving in the college environment; it conveys that a student is fully engaged intellectually, socially, and emotionally, and is experiencing a sense of psychological well-being that contributes not only to his or her persistence to graduation but also to success in life.

(Schreiner, Pothoven, Nelson, & McIntosh, 2009)

Congratulations on finishing another year at NC State!

Reflect on the quotation above: are you fully engaged at NC State? As you think about how you will spend your upcoming summer and how you want to engage with the campus community next year, please consider the advice below from NC State students like yourself.  Connect with your Academic Advisor or faculty if you have questions about how to get involved.

“Find what makes you passionate in not only education but more importantly in life. Analyze each interaction that you encounter on a day-to-day basis, in a manner that allows you to find influences who will promote your development and serve as mentors. Mentors serve as a point of contact that provides insight, networking opportunities, and allows you to explore your passions. Similarly, these experiences may allow you to find future career paths and ways to develop your passions on an extracurricular level.”

Andrew Creech (Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management major)

“Don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone to find something you are passionate about. Some of the strongest passions aren’t discovered until you’re head deep in uncomfortable areas of life.”

Payton Jackson (Accounting major)

“Don’t let others’ opinions affect your decisions.”

Vishy Makthal (Electrical and Computer Engineering major)

“Talk to your professors. Having a relationship with them will be helpful to you in so many ways. They can offer help with assignments and grades, and also be a valuable resource when you need things in the future such as letters of recommendation.”

Delaney Thibodeau (Psychology major)

“Networking is so important, make connections when you can and follow through with them. Also, do something you love and that makes you happy, money is important but so is your mental health!”

Sydney Schupp (Elementary Education major)

“Pick a major that best suits you. Being happy throughout college will help you be happy after you leave. Make sure that you utilize all of your resources at your disposal. As a business student, connecting with professors and clubs is so important. I was able to make good connections and it allowed me to learn about internships and gain important skills to further my professional career. Even if a connection seems small, you’ll never know when it’ll become useful!”

Mitchell Drysdale (Business Administration major)

“Find a country or language that suits you best and plan to study abroad, even if you think it won’t work with your major.  Get advice from a study abroad counselor.”

Micaela Hickle (Science, Technology, and Society major)


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