Life Sciences

Disciplines that focus on the study of human beings, animals, plants, and organisms at the micro level are the life sciences. Students initially study introductory biology, chemistry, physics, math and then focus on more specific life science courses that give them preparation for careers in research, industry, business, government and more. These majors provide excellent background for professional schools-medical, dental, optometry, as well as programs in pharmacy, nursing, physician assistant, physical therapy and other health science programs.

Dr. Elizabeth Loboa looks over student's findings in her Burlington lab. PHOTO BY ROGER WINSTEAD


Biochemistry Microbiology
Biological Sciences Nutrition
Bioprocessing Plant Biology
Genetics Zoology

(See:  Physical Sciences, Agricultural Sciences)


Biological Sciences Health, Medicine & Human Values
Biomanufacturing Healthcare Product Management
Biotechnology Microbiology
Environmental Sciences Nutrition
Environmental Toxicology Plant Biology
Genetics Science, Technology & Society
Health Sport Science


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