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Advisor Development Institute (ADI)

The Advisor Development Institute offers faculty and staff a chance to demonstrate their commitment to undergraduate advising at NC State University. Professional development in the form of workshops, roundtable discussions, and webinars actively supports undergraduate advisors, advising administrators, and others committed to student success. The ADI is coordinated by Academic Advising Services in the Division of Academic and Student Affairs. Workshop facilitators come from across the University.

To register for ADI events, go to and in the course catalog, use the Keyword advising.  You can then click on the event to register.


Advising Newsletter

Advising Matters informs Academic Advisors about issues and programs of interest on campus.

Summer 2016 Issue

Advisors Roundtable

These are sessions focused on emerging issues, changes in regulations, and new or changed campus programs.  Advisors Roundtables are suitable for advisors  with any level of experience.

Advisor’s Toolkit

The Advisor’s Toolkit is a resource designed to help advisors assist and guide students through the advising process.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Awards

These annual awards recognize the accomplishments and commitment of those dedicated to helping students succeed through academic advising.

Undergraduate Academic Advising Council (UAAC)

This Council is a network of academic advisors on campus that addresses campus-wide advising issues.  The Council has an important role in the work to improve persistence and graduation rates of undergraduate students and impacts a larger, coordinated effort to enhance student success at NC State.

The NC State Academic Advising Strategic Plan and Implementation Recommendations Report

The Assessment of Advising Working Group-Mission/Objectives/Outcomes

Academic Recovery Program (ARP)

This program is designed to help students achieve academic success.

Registration and Records-SIS Navigation

Commonly used resources in the Student Information System (SIS) for advisors and students.

Coordinators of Advising

“Lead” advisor in each undergraduate department.

Policies, Rules and Regulations

Academic Affairs