Students Starting in Fall

Students starting in the fall

What to Expect

Prior to NSO

  • Complete the Exploratory Studies Self-Registration and take placement tests by May 15. If this is done your hold will be lifted for open enrollment beginning June 1
  • Register for orientation (NSP). Parents or family members may also register for NSP
  • Send any additional AP, IB test results, other placement credit information, and transcripts to NC State Admissions, Campus Box 7103, NC State, Raleigh, NC 27695-7103
  • Read your WOLFPAW account and refer to it for all questions about University Housing, roommates, meal plans, parking, orientation, required health insurance, the Student Health Center, immunization and prescription issues
  • Review information about our linked courses.
  • Register for classes for Fall 2021 beginning June 1

During NSO

  • Update your advisor with any new scores or AP or IB credits you have earned as well as any additional college coursework you have completed.
  • Work with your advisor to discuss your placement scores and potential majors and then review your schedule for fall term.

After NSO

  • If you have any questions about your schedule contact your advisor
  • Stay informed by following us on Twitter

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I register for courses prior to attending orientation?
    • Yes. Students are able to register on June 1 if they have complete the Exploratory Studies Self-Registration. It is recommended to complete this by May 15.
  • What should I do prior to attending orientation?
    • Be sure to complete the Exploratory Studies Self-Registration, take placement exams, check out New Student Program’s New Student Checklist, and visit the Exploratory Studies website admitted students for information.
  • Should I still take the NC State math placement test if I took the AP calculus exam?
    • Yes. Taking the placement exams will not hurt you. NC State uses the highest scores for placement. If the AP score is not received by orientation the placement score can be used as a math placement. If the AP score is higher than the math placement when you get it, you will be allowed to make adjustments to select a different math course.
  • I have earned college credit from AP/IB tests and/or courses taken at another institution. How does this appear at NC State?
    • To be sure your coursework appears on your NC State transcript, we require that you request official transcripts of AP/IB scores and that college transcripts should be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions. To understand what AP/IB tests and scores will earn credit at NC State, check out this resource. To know which courses are taken at another institution will earn credit at NC State, go to the Undergraduate Admissions transferable credit page.
  • What if I have AP or IB scores but they are not back by New Student Orientation?
    • No worries. You can just tell your advisor which AP and IB tests you have taken when you meet during the NSO advising session. Your advisor will consider that information and advise you accordingly.
  • When will I find out who my advisor is?
    • Advisors are assigned in the beginning of June. They will reach out to you prior to orientation to request an appointment.