Former Academic Coaches

Marshall AnthonyMarshall C. Anthony, Jr.

  • Doctoral student in the Higher Education (Public Policy) program Florida State University
  • Masters degree in Higher Education Administration North Carolina State University May 2016
“I had the pleasure of serving as an Academic Coach during the 2014-15 academic year. I started with no prior coaching experience or knowledge about working with students who needed additional academic support. As an Academic Coach, I learned so much about the heterogeneity of circumstances impacting students’ success. I was able to personalize effective study skills. I built partnerships with academic advisors and campus departments to design plans of action for students experiencing emotional distress both in- and outside of the classroom. Not only did I grow as an Academic Coach from my interactions with students, the community I had with the other academic coaches and coordinator contributed to my personal and professional development. The transferable skills I gained, as an Academic Coach, assisted me as an organizational advisor throughout my master’s program at NC State and, now, as an instructor and academic advisor in my doctoral studies at The Florida State University. I strongly encourage the Academic Coaching program to undergraduate students seeking additional support and to graduate students desiring one-on-one engagement with students!”
Christina Minford

Christina Minford

  • Student Support and Program Development Manager Virginia Tech Program in Real Estate
  • Master of Education in College Counseling & Student Development North Carolina State University-May 2015
“I really enjoyed the experience of being an Academic Coach because it gave me the opportunity to form strong connections with students on campus. I was equipped with the tools to support academic probation students in learning more about their personal strengths, time management, and other study skills. It was rewarding to meet one-on-one with students each week because I was able to get to know each one personally. Academic Coaching is a great way to actively make a difference in the lives of students and I left feeling confident in my ability to motivate students through their own strengths.”