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Advisors Roundtables are sessions focused on emerging issues, changes in regulations, and new or changed campus programs.  Advisors Roundtables are suitable for advisors  with any level of experience.  Registration is available at:   Go to the Course Catalog and use the Keyword advising to locate ADI events.

September Advisors Roundtable:  Year One Series
September 14, 2:00-3:15 pm, Talley Student Union 3222
Join New Student Programs as they introduce the Year One Series, programs designed to help new first year and transfer students build a successful foundation throughout their first year at NC State. Learn more about the programs being offered, how you can help, and ways to continue to address new students’ transition to the University.


October Advisors Roundtable:  The Transfer Advising Summit
October 2, 12:00 noon to 4:15 pm (lunch is included), McKimmon Center

This afternoon session is an excellent opportunity to learn more about NC State’s transfer student population, research being conducted across North Carolina about transfer student needs, and model practices happening on our campus.

We understand that teaching and other responsibilities may prevent some from attending the entire Summit. If you can attend any part of the Summit, please click here to register. We ask that you register online by Wednesday, September 20th. Feel free to share the invite with your fellow colleagues who may be interested in attending.

[Note: Thanks to the sponsorship of Enrollment Management and Services and the Division of Academic and Student Affairs, there is no fee to attend.]

If you have any questions regarding this event, please feel free to contact Melanie Cruz ( or Erin Dixon (