AAPS Change of Major Drop-In Advising

Academic Advising Programs and Services (AAPS) provides drop-in advising for students who are exploring or changing undergraduate majors at NC State, outside of their current college. Cross-curricular advisors help students evaluate potential majors, navigate the on-campus change of major process (CODA), and plan appropriate coursework as students transition between majors. To minimize wait times, advising sessions may be limited to 20 minutes per student.

Please check-in at least 15 minutes prior to the end of drop-in hours.

Students MUST be checked in with the front desk at Holmes Hall 2nd floor, Academic Success Center in DH Hill, or called the AAPS office for virtual advising to meet with an advisor. 

Location and Hours

Fall 2022:

Starting Monday, August 22, in Holmes Hall and virtually.  Drop-In Advising in a second location, the Academic Success Center in D.H. Hill Library, resumes on Monday, August 29, and continues while classes are in session, until Monday, December 5.


Monday: 11am – 1pm
Tuesday: 2 – 4 pm
Wednesday: 2 – 4pm
Thursday: 11am – 1pm

Fall 2022 Dates

AAPS Change of Major Drop-In Advising is offered Monday through Thursday when the University is open (August 22 – December 23, 2022) EXCEPT FOR the following dates:

  • Monday, Sept. 5 (Labor Day Holiday) — University closed, no Drop-In Advising.
  • Monday – Tuesday, October 10 – 11 (Fall Break) —  Drop-In Advising will be offered only in virtual format 
  • Wednesday – Friday, Nov. 23 – 25 (Thanksgiving holiday) — No classes; University closed  Thursday and Friday, no Drop-In Advising.

How to check in:

  • In Person at Holmes Hall:

    Please check-in at the front desk for the AAPS office on the 2nd floor of Holmes Hall. You will be given a link to fill out a short survey before you meet with an advisor. We encourage you to bring a laptop to your appointment.

  • In Person at the Academic Success Center:

    Please check-in at the Academic Success Center main desk on the 2nd Floor of D.H. Hill Library. You will be given a link to fill out a short survey before you meet with an advisor. We encourage you to bring a laptop to your appointment.

    Drop-In Advising at the Academic Success Center resumes on Monday, August 29, and continues while classes are in session, until Monday, December 5.

  • Virtual:

Call the AAPS office line during drop-in hours at (919) 515-8130. You will be given a link to fill out a short survey. After completing the survey, you will receive an email from one of our advisors that will include a Zoom link for your virtual meeting. Please plan to have access to a computer with a camera in a quiet area for your virtual meeting. Please do not use a cell phone for virtual appointments. If you do not have access to technology, we encourage you to attend in-person or check out a laptop from University Libraries.

Thinking About Changing Your Major?

There are many resources and tools available to explore majors at NC State. Below, we describe how to navigate our AAPS Explore Majors and Minors site to explore a potential new major(s). We also provide information about additional resources helpful in developing a plan for a potential change of major .

Attending AAPS Change of Major Drop-In Advising is a great place to start! Follow these steps before your AAPS Drop-In Advising visit for a more productive advising session:

  1. Browse Explore Majors and Minors to learn about different undergraduate majors (and minors) at NC State. If you are just starting to consider a change of major, it is helpful to Explore by Areas Interest and review all majors (and / or minors) listed in areas of interest to you.
  2. Once you have pulled up the Explore Major site for a particular major of interest and reviewed its introductory text, scroll down to review the “Semester Sequence” to see the types of courses required and their progression for that major. Click on the specific course listed (Ex. ENG 101) or on the name of the general degree requirement (Ex. GEP Health and Exercise Studies) for more information including course description(s) for the particular requirement.


    • If you’re a current NC State student, you can additionally view how your completed and enrolled coursework count toward a new major’s degree requirements by using the “Create What-If? Report Degree Audit tool in MyPack Portal (Once you are viewing the What If? Degree Audit, click on the courses listed as “Major” or “Departmental” and read their course descriptions. . .do these courses sound interesting to you?) You can also save this report as an “Intended Major” Degree Audit once you’ve identified your top 1-3 majors of interest.
    • For prospective NC State students who do not have access to MyPack Portal or the Degree Audit tool, you can review the course descriptions for the majors course descriptions via the Semester Sequence explained above.


  3. Next, review the new major’s Change of Degree Application (CODA) requirements and application deadline(s). At NC State, students submit a request to change their major outside their current college / program by applying through a competitive process called the Change of Degree Application (CODA). Keep in mind that meeting even the preferred requirements does not guarantee admission into your desired major, as some departments are limited in how many students they can accept each semester. You can further discuss how / when to incorporate CODA requirements into your next semester(s) course schedule during your AAPS Drop-In Advising visit.

    Note: For prospective NC State students, you should carefully consider your initial NC State major choice designated on your first-year or transfer application any change of major after admission to NC State will be subject to these same CODA requirements, which emphasizes your new NC State GPA.


  4. If you are a currently enrolled NC State degree-seeking student who has ruled  out all major(s) in your current college/ program and need additional advising support in order to identify and/ or plan toward your new intended major, consider changing into our Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Program.
  5. As you start to explore the new major you may still need to take the courses in your current major; check with your current academic advisor if you have any questions about requirements for your current major.

Poole College of Management Drop-In Advising (Prospective On Campus Transfer Students)

Services for Non-Degree Studies (NDS) Students

Non-Degree Studies Students – If you are taking undergraduate courses, you can ask questions through the virtual advisor or visit AAPS Change of Major Drop-In Advising. Non-degree Studies (NDS) and Prospective Students can also visit University Admissions at the Joyner Visitor Center.

Graduate Students

We do not offer services for graduate students. Please consult your academic advisor.