External Transfer Students

NC State Orientation

We hope this site will help you in your journey into and through NC State. If you do have any questions, please use the following chart to identify transfer resources for your specific major or college.

Current NC State student who want to talk with an advisor about changing your major may refer to AAPS Change of Major Drop-In Advising.

College ofTransfer ResourcesEmail Contact
Agriculture and Life SciencesTransfer InformationTricia Buddin
DesignTransfer Admission InfoTameka Whitaker
EducationTransfer Admission InfoStudent Success and Advising Center
EngineeringEngineering GuideCollege of Engineering Advising
Humanities and Social SciencesProspective StudentsCoordinators of Advising
ManagementTransfer Resourcespoole_transfer@ncsu.edu
Natural ResourcesTransfer Admissions Infocnrtransfers@ncsu.edu
SciencesTransfer Admissions InfoCoordinators of Advising
TextilesExternal Transfer GuidesHeather Lyerly

If you would like more information about a transfer application you are highly encouraged to emailĀ undergrad-admissions@ncsu.edu.

If you were recently admitted as a transfer student, please refer to the New Student Programs New Student Checklist.

If you have specific questions about transfer not related to admissions, please email academic-advising-programs-services@ncsu.edu.