Academic Recovery Program

Students use the space by the copper wolves near Talley. Photo by Marc Hall

Information for Students:

The Academic Recovery Program is designed to help you achieve academic success.  The program focuses on Self Awareness (strengths exploration, self-management and personal values), Major and Career Goals (career assessment, major and career exploration), Academic Strategies (goal setting, learning strategies, academic resources, campus policies and procedures) and Campus Resources (tutorial support, counseling center and other resources for wellness).

Additionally, if you are a student who is considering changing majors, we can assist you in identifying and transitioning to your new program. We could also discuss moving you into our ICT (Inter-College Transfer) advising program to work with a cross-curricular advisor until you are able to transfer into your new degree.

In addition to the advising and referral resources offered by Academic Advising Services, participation in the Academic Recovery Program includes enrollment in USC 111, Strategies for College Success, a 1 credit hour, letter-graded course designed to support your personal and academic success in this crucial semester. I teach the course and pack a lot of great information into our one hour each week! My goal is for you to find renewed motivation, purpose, and confidence as you move through the semester.

Please visit to complete a short questionnaire to let me know of your interest in participating in our program.  We will be in contact to set up a time to have a more in depth conversation about the program, your needs, and how we can best assist you.

As general information, your successful suspension appeal means that you are considered on Academic Probation.  For additional information regarding the suspension policy, please visit


Victoria Silvestri, Academic Advisor and Lecturer

Academic Advising Services and Exploratory Studies


University Tutorial Center

It’s not too early to begin thinking about using the services of the University Tutorial Center in the fall.

Free Career Assessments

Want to learn more about how your interests, values and skills relate to majors and careers?  Consider taking a career assessment such as Focus 2.  Counselors in the Career Development Center are available to answer …read more.

Finish strong!

Remember that the Tutorial Center and other tutoring programs on campus can help you finish strong this semester! The Writing & Speaking Center can help with writing and speaking assignments for any subject.