Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Program


What is the Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Program?(click ICT to see video)

The Inter-College Transfer (ICT) Program provides students the opportunity to work with an experienced, cross-curricular advisor to explore majors and work towards meeting CODA requirements to change majors. A part of the exploration process is to make students aware of the breadth of options that are available to them.

Who Should Apply to the ICT Program?

  • Students who are interested in changing their major but are not ready to CODA into the “new” major
  • Students who are no longer interested in pursuing their current major but are undecided about a major and want to explore
  • Those who are not making progress towards their major and are in jeopardy of being placed on Progress Deficiency; students must be willing to look at realistic options for majors.

What Students Say About the ICT Program

  • “My time in the ICT program was the period in which I was most confident about what I wanted to do career-wise. It allowed me to narrow my scope of interest to just one field of study.”
  • “The ICT program was exactly what I needed as a student who was unhappy and unpassionate about my major, but unsure about where my strengths lie in terms of other majors at NC State. ICT helped me to discover a major that applied to my strengths that is not necessarily focused on a desired career, rather on what is going to be the best suited for who I am.”
  • “The ICT program helped lift me out of a rough situation and gave me the tools, help and support I needed to turn things around.”
  • “The ICT program helped me discover opportunities I didn’t know existed, and then helped me pursue them. Without the ICT program I’m not sure where I would be today.”
  • “The support given to me by the ICT program was amazing, you could tell they really cared about you and I always knew I had someone looking out for me and helping me to be successful.”

What is the Process?

  • Students transfer from their current major to the ICT Program (after completing at least 12 hours/one semester at NC State) and are assigned to an academic advisor affiliated with Academic Advising Services (AAS).
  • Advisors then work with students to inform them about majors and minors and encourage them to use resources on campus to explore careers.
  • An Advising Syllabus details the expectations of students and their academic advisor.  Students are also required to have a matriculation plan that has been approved by their advisor that lists their first and second choice of major (in case the first one is not viable).
  • Students have the option of taking the Strong Interest Inventory or Career Focus 2, career assessments that can provide insights into how interests, values, and perceived skills relate to career fields.

How do I Learn More and/or Apply to the Program?

  • Make an appointment with Ms. Martha Wicker ( unless you are in Life Sciences First Year (LSFY) Program, in which case contact Ms. Michelle Koehler (  International students should contact Tony Shurer (


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